Course Content:

  • Legislation
  • Health & Safety at Work Reg.
  • The Supply of Machinery Reg.
  • Definitions and Terminology
  • Rigging Loft Controller
  • The Rigging Loft
  • Rigging Loft Documents
  • Management of Equipment
  • Requirements of Inspection
  • Equipment Checks
  • Returning Equipment
  • Assessment: Theory Test
  • Assessment: Practical Test



Course Objectives


  • To ensure that personnel responsible for rigging lofts are fully aware of the legislative requirements of lifting equipment.
  • The effective Management and use of lifting Equipment is key to the safe use.
  • Being able to manage your equipment and understanding how to inspect it for common faults will ensure the safety of everyone.
  • Be able to control equipment in and out.
  • The delegate upon completion of this course should be capable of the effective Management and Inspection of the equipment.
  • Lifting equipment should also be accompanied by safe instructions for use; these instructions should be kept in the rigging loft for reference.
  • Understand lifting equipment should be supplied with a certificate of conformity and the need to control documentation.
  • Understand an effective storage area.


Target Delegates:

  • Rigging loft controller
  • Banksman
  • Deck crew
  • All personnel involved in Lifting operation